Hello Waldorf Families

I'm Heidi Harting of Heidi Harting Photography.

For those of you who don't know me, I have had the pleasure of photographing Waldorf students for the past 10 years. I have always approached school portraits the same way I do my private commission family/child portraits. My goal is to deliver a beautiful portrait of your child that you will treasure not just this school year, but always.


The very top priority at Heidi Harting Photography is to keep everyone safe from potential risk and exposure while creating beautiful portraits of your children.


The Heidi Harting Photography team is fully vaccinated.


In addition to following all of WSCC's protocols, we will:

  • Understand how COVID-19 is spread and think about this with every decision.
  • Stay updated on CDC interim guidance as additional information becomes available; Monitor federal, state, and local public health communications about COVID-19 regulations, guidance, and recommendations.
  • Team-members who feel unwell will be instructed to stay at home.



  • Cooperate with systems, guidelines, and protocols set forth by the Waldorf School of Cape Cod as they are for the safety of all.


  • We will follow WSCC protocols
  • Portraits are taken outside
  • Hands and equipment are sanitized regularly


The most important thing is to send your child off to school with a smile, we will take care of the rest!

What to Wear

  • There are no right or wrong colors, wear what looks best but please avoid slogans and large logos.
  • The day may be chilly so be sure and include a sweater that will compliment the outfit that your child can manage by themselves.


  • Please send your child to school with their hair styled as you/they like it.
  • A mask will be worn by photo assistant if hair needs to be combed.


  • We can reduce glare but transition lenses (light to dark) will look like dark sunglasses. Please send an alternative option or consider no glasses.


Sibling Portrait Details & Tips

We are happy to offer sibling portraits. This is the perfect time to update your children's smiling faces together and get images for your holiday card.


Teachers will be photographed with their class and this photo will be used for the class photo & website.

Faculty will be photographed throughout the day and this will also be used for the website.


The website for purchasing your child's portrait will be ready approximately ten days after everyone has been photographed. WSCC will notify you by email when the website is ready to view and purchase your child's portrait.

Click here for portrait package and a la carte pricing. The photo below shows the gallery page. Click on Print Store in the upper right corner while on your computer or mobile device to access price list.


How will my child remain safe from COVID-19 while being photographed?

We are working closely with WSCC to follow all guidelines for the safety of everyone. Students will be directed verbally from a safe and social distance. If help is needed with hair or clothing adjustment, a mask will be worn by a member of the photo team.

How will the class group photos be handled?

To maintain the safety of students and faculty, class photos will be a composite of individual photos.

What if it rains on my child's scheduled Portrait Day?

You will be notified by the school as early as possible if the weather is not suitable for Portrait Day and given the new date.

What if my child is absent?

Don't worry! Every child will be photographed.

Do you offer make-up days?

I do my very best to capture your child's personality and typically do that in one if not all the poses. You will have several images of your child to select from. If that expectation has not been met, then of course I will rephotograph your child. My goal is to deliver a beautiful portrait that you will treasure forever.

What happens next?

You will be notified by WSCC when the password protected image gallery for purchasing portrait packages, a la carte prints and gift items is ready.

Photo delivery 2021

Orders will be shipped directly to you from our lab. You will have two options to select from.
$5.00 (9-14 days)
$9.99 (2-3 days)

Do you have a question?

Please reach out to me if you have a question that I have not answered. Email is always quickest: heidihartingphotography@gmail.com