“My goal is simple.
I want to make you laugh during the session
and cry when you see your photos. Except when I do your headshot, I never want you to cry over those :)”

“"Her sessions feel more like a casual gathering of friends with an amazing end result of photographic brilliance."”

You could say I'm a professional photographer who got lucky enough to do something they love every single day...

And even luckier to be married to another photographer Christopher Harting. Our styles are our own, but our collaborations are constant! We have two rock star children who are each respectively climbing and moving mountains. I am in constant awe of the incredible humans that they are. And lastly three adorable dogs IYKYK. I am always up for any adventure. I'm a wanderer at heart and any city I visit instantly becomes my favorite. I love good food, all things vintage, movies, gardening, hiking, backpacking and people watching. Humans are so fascinating.

By day, I specialize in capturing the special moments in your life: I'm your go-to for children & family lifestyle portraits, high school senior portraits, business headshots and of course dogs (or any animal for that matter) on the South Shore of Boston, Cape & Islands. My motto is I like to make you laugh during your session and cry when you see your photos; except for headshots. I never want you to cry over those :) Nights & weekends I like to work on my street photography — dialoguing with strangers and creating unforgettable shots. 

There is nothing like the power of photography and the emotional impact it has crossing barriers of language and culture. It stops time, tells stories and is a medium accessible to everyone. My earliest memory of a photograph is once or twice a year my father would pull out the slide projector & screen. Our family of seven would ooh and ahh over the images of our life. I loved the narrative of those nights. I haven’t seen those photos in years yet I can still recall the warmth of those moments we shared as a family. Can you remember your earliest memory of a photograph? 

Photo by Christopher Harting in NYC 2023

Kind Words

Kind Words

“Oh my, I LOVE this!! The magic of childhood in one frame!”

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